Another Anglepoise

I ordered this Anglepoise 1227 quite a while ago now, I think it was while I was still in Amsterdam? Sadly I wont have much time to work on it until probably next Summer, (been busy with work I’m not sure if there was even one this year…).

In an unusual fashion for me, I took photos before I started the working! Everything is there and in one, although it is in a slightly bad state, it’s very greasy for some reason, which may have slowed the rust a little on the springs.

As much as I don’t want to I think all the paint will have to be striped off and started from scratch. I tempted to try another colour to give it a new lease of life. I’ve cleaned all the grease off it now and coated the springs only in WD40, just to stop it getting worse over the year.

This will be a gift to my parents, they know it’s coming, it’s been on an ‘I Owe You’ since Christmas, sadly with going back to University for final year, it may be finished in a few christmas’ time…


2 thoughts on “Another Anglepoise

  1. Hi I am trying to restore type 90 anglepoise lamp which I got from ebay. It needs the switch fixing, but as yet I am unable to find instructions on how to take out the switch? Any ideas?

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