Interesting: KRASZNAI Ceramics

Ever since I worked with ceramics, on my Art and Design Foundation course, I’ve been finding any excuse to use it again, even if it’s hypothetical (a recent lighting project the lamp I designed was made out of glazed white stoneware clay). I believe it is a completely underused material/process and the results are usually beautiful, take the images above from Barcelona based studio Krasznai. The top images do look a bit scary, I probably only like them because my it was bowling pins; turned into teapots, that I produced for my Foundation. The second one I can’t help but have a quiet chuckle about, someone buy me that one please!

By the way the bowling pin mould I made should still be at college, if you want to use it, those of you that are there. Kind of wish I took it but I can always make another one!