Summer Projects: I’ve Got a New Phone!

Some people find it odd that I seem to always have the latest technology, but they become baffled when I get out my phone, yes it’s a 4 years old Nokia, but it does the job, what’s wrong with that? I digress…

I have a new phone though! Huzzah! A GPO (General Post Office) 8746 Rotary Phone from 1983!

Good clean up, a new info dial, it’s as close to the original I could make, and here it is.

Now to convert it to be used for Skype!


I Have a Letterpress!

After visiting my old art teacher a few days ago, I came back with loads of cool random bits and bobs. I used to enjoy going into the art and the teacher walking off randomly coming back clutching a strange variety or of things to inspire! The most exciting bit was this Adana letterpress, I believe its a 5×3? Along with boxes and boxes of type! Time for some business cards?






I’d like to wish my old art teacher a happy retirement, I am positive that he will be missed at the school, and was an inspiration for me and many other students over the years.