Restore: Anglepoise Lamp

A long time coming but here’s the Anglepoise Lamp I restored over the summer.

Not a restoration as such, Anglepoise mainly a new wire, a black 3 corded felted wire and a good clean up with the polish, all the parts were removed and cleaned throughly, removing all rust from the springs with time a the good ol’ tin of WD40. The paintwork is yet to be resprayed, chances are it will be left in its current state, not risk removing the original paint, as the paint is only slightly chipped, and doesn’t degraded the overall design.

It now has a earth wire so it should be slightly safer than how it was when I bought it.

New thumb screw on the right, and overall adjustment has allowed for a low energy bulb to be used, the extra weight, pushes the shade down, so everything needs to be tighten up tighter. Using a low energy bulb, reduces the temperature making it much more useful if I’m reading in bed, without burning my head!

New rubber grommets, the old ones had degraded so much that they broke apart on removal