Kitchen Side Board

Construction of Kitchen Sideboard. Kerto Top. Yet to be varnished/finished

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Project: Toy Train

As part of the Design Communications module a model/prototype had to be produced based on a current product, a train was clearly chosen in this case. The original was purchased from a well known pound shop. The model that was created had to be a variation of the current product, much like they would do in industry to keep sales up and refreshed.

Above; Original Train

Below; The model is produced from MDF and with a lot of sanding the finish was made to look as if it were plastic.


A few weeks ago we were told that we would have to interview someone from our course, allowing us further our understanding of why each one of us choose to do design. I’ve read quite a few, from other people, and they’re all a fascinating read, even though we are all about the same age each and every person has a different design ethic, and reasoning behind our designs.

As usual, keep clicking through until you get a large image you can, actually read without your head being squashed against your monitor.

Here’s the one done on me by Lousie Cooper;

Here’s the one I did on Louise, have a gander;

Interesting: Self Destruct Pixel Table

This concept is simply pure genius, the mould for the concrete is produced with a pixel-type construction, so when one table is produced a pixel can be removed with this pattern being continued until the table design is no longer functional. Creating a one of a kind piece each and every time, the idea looks into mass producing; in the way that the table is limited in number simply by its design.


Interesting: Joon & Jung

Just come across this concept product design studio based in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Their design ethic is very exciting, every single concept has me thinking, in particularly the Rocking on the Beach Chair; if every product we create as designers is based on experiences, mainly when the product is in use, then how many of the senses do we take advantage of? In this particular example other than simply restyling a rocking chair, they have created another dimension by including sound as another sensual experience. I could very easily see this annoying me if I were to use it, but conceptually the idea is brilliant, the majority of designs we create may have visually been done before but how many designers actually consider the sound their product produces?

Joon&Jung Website