One Day Project: Bedside Table

While the glue was drying.

Table - Working (1 of 1)


Chess Table

The legs from the old piano I’ve been working with for a while here, here and here (there are still many more parts that can be used!).

Chess Table (1 of 3)Chess Table (3 of 3) Chess Table (2 of 3)

Summer Projects: This Is One Way To Spend a Day…

A type draw and some desk legs. Everything here has been cleaned up all the brass joiners are now shiny and most of the sections have been cleaned.

Can you guess what it’s going to be? There’ll be another post in a few days time.

Bedside Table

Another construction project from my Summer to-do list this one is a bed side table, produced from Kerto (I have to use the stack of it somehow). The table was originally intended for me to take back to University in September, it will however now stay here, it was designed for the slightly higher than normal bed that I have and not suitable for the beds at University, a shorter table will be produced at some point to take back with me.

I’m still unsure about the final finish, I plan was to spray the sides, the none layered side, in a colour, possibly even a plain white and varnishing the layered sides with clear varnish, any thoughts how I could do it? In any case it’s going to be left for a few weeks while I get on and finish the website that seems to be taking years to complete.

Interesting: Self Destruct Pixel Table

This concept is simply pure genius, the mould for the concrete is produced with a pixel-type construction, so when one table is produced a pixel can be removed with this pattern being continued until the table design is no longer functional. Creating a one of a kind piece each and every time, the idea looks into mass producing; in the way that the table is limited in number simply by its design.